Rancho Bernardo High School
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Rancho Bernardo

Rancho Bernardo is the northernmost residential community within the City of San Diego. Rancho Bernardo is centered on Interstate 15 just south of Lake Hodges and the San Pasqual Valley. The first recorded landowner was Captain Joseph Sevenoaks in the early 1800s. Sevenoaks’ ranch was a site of the San Pasqual Battle where Mexican troops fought to keep California from becoming a part of the United States.

Believe in Each Other

At the 26th Annual Rancho Bernardo Thanksgiving Luncheon, the Rancho Bernardo Community Foundation (RBCF) granted a record $70,578 to 19 grantees that enhance the quality of life for Ranch Bernardo community members.

“With this grant cycle we were concentrated on programs that would increase dialogue and participation among Ranch Bernardo community members, young to old,” stated RBCF Chair Kevin Martin.

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We love help from our community. We thank you in advance for your donations.

Rancho Bernardo helped me accomplish things I would never imagine!

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